About Doug

Hi Doug Fraiser here!

I am all about aviation and aircraft. There is just something about flying that makes a person feel free, and liberated. I started flying when I was a little boy in British Columbia, and I haven’t stopped. As with most beginners, I started flying little aircrafts, and I gradually moved up to bigger ones when I got older. I knew even as a young boy I wanted my pilot’s license. I also knew I wanted a job doing something with airplanes, whether it was flying private planes or commercial airlines. All I know is, I had to be up in the air every day.

So, when I got of age, I studied aviation and did what I had planned to do—fly. Even more so, I started studying up on the history of aircraft flying in British Columbia, in particular, Bronson Creek Airport. I know there is rich history there, and being a native son of B.C. I wanted to learn all I could. So, I decided to write a documentary of the Bronson Creek Airport and the Snip Gold Mine. If this interests you, then please visit my blog on a regular basis to learn more. Even if you haven’t even heard of Bronson Creek and the Snip Gold Mine, I invite you to learn about it. It really is interesting stuff, and I am not just saying this because it’s my blog…lol.